Have a Skill?

(like Coding, Dancing, Yoga, Blogging, Startups, French, Guitar etc.)

Use it to Travel the World for Free!

4 easy steps to Travel for Free

1. List your skills

Sign up using LinkedIn, and we'll list all your skills.

2. Enter your destination

Tell us where you want to travel and for how long.

3. Get Free Homestay with a local

We match you with a welcoming host who'll provide you free homestay, few meals and tips to travel around the place.

4. Help your Host learn your Skill

Spend 1-2 hours a day to help your host learn your skill.

Fulfill your dream to Travel the World, Now!


Learn new Skills from Professionals, for Free!

(like Photography, Coding, Cooking, French, Rapping, B Boying, Guitar etc.)

Get Free In-person mentoring by becoming a Host

New Skills await you!

Travel Bloggers love us!

I feel it's a great idea and would be something me and a lot of people I know would use.
Here's why, it's also great in the long term, the sharing economy is at the biggest. It's growing at an exponential rate!
Jeremy from Think Travel Lift Grow (3k followers)

Stay on Skill looks like Couchsurfing on steroids!
Rachel from Hippie In Heels (168k followers)

Great initiative!! This idea definitely has a lot of potential!! 🙂
I'm sure a lot of people would like to use this system. The idea of letting someone stay in your house in exchange of his/her skills is brilliant!
Cynthia & Niko from Journal of Nomads (8k + followers)

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